Harry Browne – How to be Successful in Business

Harry Browne’s motto for being successful is a three prong method; listen, agree and suggest. There are some principles that can be applied in achieving this goal. First find out the customers motivation. It is very important to listen so that you may fully understand what his needs are. Be willing to ask plenty of questions to not only show your interest, but to be sure that your product can satisfy his needs. Always answer his questions even if it may not apply to what you are selling. State your agreement with the customer. At this point agree with and reiterate the issues he is having. Be sure to never contradict what your customer has stated are his problems. He is the only one that knows what his needs are. Now that you understand those needs you may begin making suggestions on the solution. List the applications of your product accordingly. Stress all the benefits that your product will deliver and nothing else. Talk only about the things he can have. Keep his attention by reminding him of everything he has stated to be his problems. Be sure to also let him know what your product cannot do. When you are nearing the close of the sale you want to remind him of what he said he wants to do, clarifying any hesitations he may still be having. By following Harry Browne’s simple method outlined here you will have a successful deal that both buyer and seller can benefit from.


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