Looking to the Future for Employment

robotThe innovations of technology are advancing at a great pace, however there will always be a need for human interaction. That is where entrepreneurship will come in. Robots will continue to evolve taking over most if not all areas of the blue collar jobs. So how are we to ensure our livelihood? Working for yourself you are certain to not lose your job. With the utmost importance we need to be sure that the robots are working for us and expanding on our ideas and not not competing against us. Boring tasks can be done by the robots thereby freeing up our time to be more creative and productive. A robot in an assistant role can work 24/7 not needing to take breaks. Humans prefer to talk and interact with other human beings and as the boss of your own business your importance cannot be replaced by a robot. The fascinating prospect of entrepreneurship is exciting to me because who doesn’t want to own their own company! I look forward as I travel down this path to find out how robotic technology can help me achieve my goals.


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