Understanding the Value of Money

world_travel___tourism_airplane_landing_018988_For me, if given the choice by my parents to fly first-class or coach and keep the monetary difference, it is a clear choice. I would absolutely choose coach and here is why. It would probably be a difference of a few hundred dollars, as a trip to New York from North Carolina is around two hundred dollars for coach while first-class would be five hundred dollars or up. Therefore taking my parents money is equivalent to money earned. This is a lesson that my parents have instilled in me at a young age.

I want to place the value on money rather than allowing the money to control me and my happiness. With that said I’m not opposed to being rich in the future and taking free money from my parents will help secure my goals. Maybe I could use this money to be an entrepreneur. Who knows? If that were to happen maybe I could grow a company and even create some jobs. By investing your money, and not just spending it, the effects could be long lasting. I understand spending money can be good but once it is spent it is gone.


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