When the State Gets Involved

Should a state get involved in garage sales? A state regulated garage sale would mean charging taxes on used goods.  Thereby, driving up the prices for the buyers because the seller would have to compensate for the taxes. With all of the massive economic problems that the United States is facing, getting involved in garage sales is ridiculous. garage-saleThe free market should stay “free”. Garage sales are a great resource for the lower income people in society. Often times these people are buying items of necessity, like clothing, furniture, even toys for their kids. If I have to pay more for my garage sale why would I want to have one? Kinda defeats the whole purpose. We also have to consider that regulations would most definitely dictate to me how to price my products. If I decide not to have a garage sale because of all these regulations now a great option is being taken away from the poor. Simply stated, too many state regulations can be crippling to society and hurt everyone involved. If the government would just get off our backs most of us would do okay.


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