My Goals

What am I willing to settle for on my 18th birthday? I will actually be 18 in six months. Unfortunately, I just started with the Ron Paul Curriculum this year. Wow, I really wish I would have started sooner. My goal by this time is to have a candle business on Etsy that would generate enough revenue to carry me while I figure out what my calling is.

What am I willing to settle for on my 25th birthday? Hopefully by this point I will have figured out what my calling is. Money made from my candle business will be invested in taking steps towards this calling.

How can the strategy of going the extra mile help me attain these goals? First of all, going the extra mile to me means giving up bad habits such as; sleeping in late, watching too much TV, and procrastinating. Picking up healthy habits can only further my goals in what I want to accomplish. Simple things can make all the difference. Keeping a daily planner to be sure all tasks will be finished on time can make you feel accomplished and that your time was put to good use. Learning to organize well is also effective. Keeping your work space clean will actually help to keep a clearer mind.

Going the extra mile means always putting your best effort in whatever it is that you are doing. If you are working for someone else that could mean just working an extra five minutes and not rushing through the task at hand. Working hard and being willing to do more than just what is expected will make you stand out to your boss. If you are working for yourself and have your own business perhaps that could mean spending time on a customer that you know may not buy your product, but they may be willing to refer you to someone else because of the way you treated them. In other words, always go above and beyond. Going the extra mile should become a way of life.estee-lauder-dream-quote


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