Getting a part-time job?

When asked the question, “Is it worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage?” I guess my answer would be, it depends. If you know exactly what it is that you want to do in the future then getting a part-time job in that area may serve you well. Hands on experience could be invaluable especially when it is in a field you are passionate for. An example of this is only work in a fast food restaurant if you are planning on owning your own franchise. For me, however, when I find that passion for what I want to do I think an internship with a mentor is the best option if the opportunity presents itself.

Getting a part-time job at minimum wage means taking time away from educating myself. I would rather spend my time developing my own homemade candle company. Selling my product online would be a better way of earning money. Also, it means I can make my own schedule which is far more beneficial rather than following someone else’s timetable. I want all my time spent investing in myself and my future. A minimum wage part-time job for just gas money cannot further my goals because it would rob me of precious time, and time is something, once spent, you can never get back. Working for myself starts now.


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