Is TV Worth It?

“How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Is TV worth this?”  I think I would have to say no. Mr. North had me calculate my TV viewing hours. As I do not watch a lot of TV, I calculated my TV and social media time on my phone which is my preference for my free time. Wow, was I surprised. This calculation showed I lost my chance to make $2,314,899.02 in a 40 year span. This is a real eye opener. With that said, I do definitely believe that down time is important. You need a reset to help you refresh for the next days work. Most people resort to TV because it is cheap and easily accessible. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, this can help you learn discipline by monitoring your hours.

An hour here, an hour there. It starts to add up. Then you can use that time to start something on the side. A few hours a week on a project can slowly but surely help you build towards your calling. Time not spent on TV can mean brainstorming new ideas, creating a website, reading, or searching for new business opportunities.couch-potato

You know I think television even may be costing us more than just money. Instead of spending time preparing a healthy meal from scratch, people are spending more money on expensive prepackaged meals leading to even more expensive health problems. Your health should be the most important thing in life because without it you would have less chance of attaining your goals.

Life is all about priorities, ask yourself if there is something you want to be doing and is TV getting in the way of that? Maybe even cutting down on your viewing options. Perhaps getting rid of cable TV and just watching Netflix and Hulu could mean more money in your pocket. Choosing one of these options also means you can watch it on your time and zero commercials, so time saved is money earned.

Having to write this paper really made me realize what electronics could be costing me in more ways than just the obvious. I certainly won’t eliminate these things from my life, but time management is essential for success.


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