Wilderness: Point of View

I think John Cotton and John Winthrop’s views are somewhat aligned in that they both believed in religious freedom. Cotton told the people they should try to convert the Native Americans in North America to Christianity. He said “Feed them with your spirituals…make them partakers of your precious faith.

Winthrop was elected governor of the New Colony of Massachusetts Bay. Winthrop knew there would be struggles and he encouraged Puritans to stay strong in their faith. He encouraged people in taking care of one another. Winthrop believed in working side by side with servants because he wanted everyone to work and help out.


The Massachusetts Bay Colony was attacked in the late 1600’s by Native Americans. They killed and wounded the settlers when they burned down their houses. They took many people captive including Mary Rowlandson and her three children. They separated Mary from her two oldest children, Joseph and Mary. They allowed her to keep her youngest daughter Sarah. The journey the Native Americans took Mary on was difficult due to injuries sustained in the attack. Shortly after reaching the Indian settlement Mary’s daughter Sarah died. Rowlandson is eventually sold to another Indian who is related to King Philip. They allowed her to bury her daughter and visit her two oldest children. Mary found much hope in the Bible which was given to her by one of the Indian women. Mary found herself once again being separated from her children when the Native Americans decided to move North. Eventually, Mary meets King Philip and it is at this new settlement where Mary begins to sew in return for food. After continuing to move place to place she meets a man named Thomas Read who tells her that her husband is alive. This news gives Mary comfort. The journey continues with the Indians moving her around. Finally, after speaking to King Philip he decided to offer her freedom if her husband will pay ransom. After eleven long weeks Mary was reunited with her husband and then subsequently with her children.

I detailed Mary’s story a bit more here because it was quite different than that of Cotton’s or Winthrop’s. Mary’s was one of captivity while theirs was one of freedom. Mary’s strong faith kept her hopeful and she felt that God was with her through her entire ordeal. God did eventually see Mary to freedom and reunite her with her family.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”


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