Can I be an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur means not being afraid to take risks and going outside the norm. It means self discipline and persistence. If you want to cultivate your passion it will require hard work, acceptance of failure, and willingness to try again. I once read that you have to be a passionate life-long learner to be successful. “Work harder on yourself than you do your job.” Be willing to grow and change on a personal level just as your company is always growing and changing too. Read a lot as knowledge is power.inspiring-wisdom-quotes-from-365-days-of-tumblr-14

Society today tells us we should go on to college after high school. Not having a formal education does not mean you can not achieve great success. It really bothers me that we are led to believe that a degree and working for someone else is what is expected from us. There was probably an entrepreneur that created the business that a college graduate might find themselves at. Education is not always in a classroom. It can be found in a book or the trial and error of life experiences. Why are we not taught this in early education?

I would also like to say that I am certainly not against a college education. Just know if it is necessary to achieve your personal goals. Formal education or not, great determination and a strong will can take you far.


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