Richard Koch – The Breakthrough Principle

The Breakthrough Principle of 16x written by Richard Koch is a book about how to do less and get more out of what you do. It is about the 80/20 Principle, also known as the Pareto Principle. An analogy in this book which is basic and simple to understand is this, you may have a closet full of clothes and only 20% of your clothing will get worn 80% of the time. Another analogy would be this, our banks show that 15-25 percent of their customers actually generate 80-95 percent of their profits.

Koch goes on to explain that this 80/20 principle responds to every aspect of our everyday lives. For me the 20 percent of this book that influenced me the most was the Endnote. It gave the most information in the smallest increments which is the very definition of the 80/20 principle.

Having stated my feelings on the Endnote section, more specifically the chapter that resonated with me was chapter six “Do It Your Own Way.” In this chapter I learned doing what I am best at and pulling from my strengths will help me to achieve the most and enhance whatever that may be instead of struggling with my weaknesses.


High performers are not 10 or 20 times more intelligent than other people, it is the methods and resources they use that are unusually powerful.” – Richard Koch

I want to be sure to use my “brilliance” to experience the power of 16x and to use it intensely in the “full spectrum” of my life.


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