Government Money – Government Decides

“Is a tax-supported school different in principle from a tax-supported church?”

Whenever an entity is tax-supported that means it is receiving tax dollars that people have paid to the government, thereby relinquishing control of itself. If the entity is the school that means their curriculum has to follow guidelines that they may or may not agree with. So, if the the government tells a school to teach the Theory of Evolution as fact the school must do so. The teachers and parents do not have any say in what is taught. Their rights are lost and they have to oblige.

Now lets take a look at a church that accepts tax money. Whether we are talking about a priest, rabbi, or a pastor if they are receiving money from the same resource (government) they might have to all preach the same thing.

Basically, surrendering your core principles and beliefs by accepting tax-funded dollars has the same fundamental consequences. Whether you are a pastor or a teacher your choices are controlled and regulated. My answer to the question assigned by Mr. North is a resounding no.


“The hand that controls the supper dish rules the world!”Charles M Schulz


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