Using Spreeder

“What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreeder for 10 minutes a day?”

This was asked of me by my Business 1 teacher. Spreeder is a website that is used for increasing your reading ability. Helping you read faster and comprehend more.


At first I was doing it everyday for the recommended 10 minutes, then I got behind on my writing assignments in December when I had the opportunity to take a holiday vacation on a cruise. When I got back it just got away from me. I actually noticed a difference in my reading since I have not been doing it. I feel like it has slipped a bit. So I guess Dr. North does not need to persuade me, because I do feel guilty and really want to get back to improving my reading. Reading faster will help me be more productive with my reading assignments thereby allowing for better time management.

The holiday season was and still is a major challenge for me. Between vacation and the holiday itself, it really set me behind. It interfered with my sleep schedule, healthy eating habits and working out. These things are important as they help me to stay in focus. I just forgot about Spreeder. It is only 10 minutes a day so there is no excuse for not doing it. Anyone can take 10 minutes out of their day. This will only enforce good habits that can help me in my future endeavors.


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