A Loyalists Point of View of Paine

“Write a critique of Paine’s pamphlets from the point of view of a loyalist in 1778.” – Dr. North

As a Loyalist your message is not one of inspiration but one of anger. Your pamphlets spew rhetoric. It is insulting to the “common sense” of Americans.  Your ideas to sway them of what a government should be is pure hogwash. I believe that you took advantage of your people at a vulnerable time. Your works are based on emotions and not at all factual. You are asking your people to fight in a war that you want. You fill their heads with lies to evoke a rage so powerful bloodshed will surely ensue. You decry Englishmen, calling us liars and tyrants.  I conceive that you are indeed the the liar.





Freedoms Won

F ighting for our freedom
R ebels shall endure
E mancipate ourselves from your kingdom
E nlightened by the days of yore

D amnification is grave
O ur heavy hearts behold
M ay you no longer enslave
S o now our future foretold

W e stand as one
O ur country is born
N eeded be this Revolution!