Labor Unions Cause Price Inflation?

“Do Labor Unions Cause Price Inflation?” – Dr. North

Yes, in my opinion, I do believe government labor unions do in fact cause price inflation. A labor union is an organization of workers dedicated to protecting their interest and improving wages, hours and working conditions. Unions represent many professions.

Unions demanding higher wages with less working hours will only cause a company to raise prices on their product/services. The business will then need to cover the costs that the labor unions have levied upon them. This can drive prices up for the consumer. The government should not get involved at all, but sadly it forces businesses to submit to the people, demanding things that the business can not undertake. The business may even collapse.

So, in closing I want to be clear that there are other reasons for price inflation, but for the purpose of my paper I focused on labor unions.


Email for Why You Should Hire Me

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